a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

why we are here

We believe that a professional online appearance should be available to anyone. As a small and intimate organization we can relate to our customers. We want to make a difference. Be there for those that never thought it would be possible to have a professional website, webshop or brand identity.

It’s our passion to design. It’s our passion to turn dreams into reality. So we combined this into VVN Creative. We’re happy to be part of your journey towards success and happiness.

nice to meet you

We love to do great things with passionate people. We love our clients and love to be part of their journey, wether they’re just starting or expanding!

We love to really get to know you, so that we can deliver a unique online appearance just for you. Our first meeting will probably be during a Skype-call, as we have clients all over the world. We don’t plan anything else that day; you never know how many common interests we might have!

hello, hola, hallo

We might speak your language! We offer our services in
three languages: English, Spanish and Dutch. We can have contact in any of these languages and we will deliver your documents in the language of your preference.


We work from anywhere in the world. We move around and don’t have a fixed office. This won’t limit us in our communication, as we always stay connected wherever we go!



We would love to hear about your story.

If you just started your adventure or if you’ve been around for a bit longer. If you just never felt the need to have a website or if your products have been laying around forever waiting for that amazing webshop. Any reason; any wish; any idea you have, we would love to hear about it and to be part of your journey.

Let’s start with some small talk to see which of our services suits you best. Leave us your details and let’s get personal!

And don’t worry; we won’t charge anything until we’re both happy and agree to start this journey together.

We treat our customers with respect, same goes for their personal details and stories.