only doing what is necessary or achieving
what is intended

our promise /0

Our process is clean and simple. We hate to over promise or under deliver. That’s why we communicate in a clear and direct way and will always make sure you know what’s going on. We will make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can enjoy every moment of this journey!

define /1

According to us the most important step in the process is to listen and define your needs. We are all ears to hear every detail about your story. How and why did you start and what are your goals? We ask questions and gather precious information that will help us to create something unique.


2/ design

After we know more about each other we start to create a plan on how to start your journey. According to what you have told us we’ll design a concept version for you. We will explain all the options there are to include all the functionalities you’re looking for.

refine /3

We talk, we try, we make changes, we try again and do it all over again if necessary. There is no rush. We take our time to create this piece of art! During the whole process we’ll have a lot of personal contact and are here for you. We can point you in the right direction or make the decision for you if you ever get stuck!

4/ build

The real magic starts.  After the brainstorming we both agree on the beauty of the concept. Then it’s time to provide you with a so-called “delivery document”, so you can send us all your content. We start building your unique website or webshop. Along the way, we make sure to review all your content and functionalities (we’re perfectionists, don’t worry).

deliver /5

As we mentioned before we make sure to review all your content and functionalities along the way. Before we actually deliver your website or webshop you’ll get access to review everything yourself. When we’re all happy with the result we’ll poor you some champagne and celebrate this memorable and incredible moment; you’re live!

6/ review

Going live with your website is not where our journey ends. We always make sure to have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, but we might oversee something. The first month after delivery we’ll be in close contact to make emergency adjustments where necessary. Beside that you’ll enjoy our free service package the full year after completion.



We would love to hear about your story.

If you just started your adventure or if you’ve been around for a bit longer. If you just never felt the need to have a website or if your products have been laying around forever waiting for that amazing webshop. Any reason; any wish; any idea you have, we would love to hear about it and to be part of your journey.

Let’s start with some small talk to see which of our services suits you best. Leave us your details and let’s get personal!

And don’t worry; we won’t charge anything until we’re both happy and agree to start this journey together.

We treat our customers with respect, same goes for their personal details and stories.